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High Tech And Hanko In The WFH Era

日本語は以下にあります。 Why are Japanese companies so hesitant to switch from the nearly 2,000-year-old habit of using hanko to digital signatures? The current COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting this exact issue as it deals with WFH (Work From Home). There are 3 reasons for this hesitation: technological limitations, the culture behind being available in person at the

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「日米ビジネス展望」では、日本及び米国におけるビジネスを展開する上でのトピックを毎回1つずつ選び、それに関する4社それぞれの視点・分析をお送りします。今回のトピックは、1)コンサルティング、2)販売とマーケティング、3)人事、4)経営、の観点から見る日系企業による米国自動車業界です。各記事に対するコメントやご意見もお待ちしています。[Read the English version of this blog here.]

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COVID-19 Perspectives

“Perspectives” is a new blog featuring different points of view of the same topic and how it relates to US/Japan business matters. This time, we discuss the COVID-19 impact as seen from 1) management, 2) digital marketing, 3) sales & marketing and 4) HR viewpoints. Please join in the discussion, and let us know if

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