Effectively Utilize Japanese Language / Cultural Skills at Companies in the US

Training For All Japanese Language Levels

Who is this for?

  • Employers who want their new hires or current employees to be trained on how to use their business Japanese language and cultural skills on the job in the US.
  • Individuals who want to polish their skills for their current or future employer in the US (… but it could apply to other Japanese companies globally, too)

As long as you want to learn, basic Japanese language levels and up are welcome!

The Transformation

  • Participants will learn and gain confidence in how to work successfully with Japanese people.
  • Trainees will upgrade what they learned in their college Japanese business class to the real world.
  • Participants will learn fundamental skills and be ready to support companies from a language and multicultural standpoint.
  • Trainees will get ideas on how to support Japanese companies in the US and prove to be a better asset in the company’s global endeavors.
  • Participants will become indispensable employees to their employers.

On-Demand Courses

  • Enroll at any time and from any location.
  • Duration: each module is about 1 hour long on average and includes video lectures and supplementary materials.
  • Lifetime access to the training.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course that you can share on LinkedIn and in your portfolio.
  • All programs have a payment plan option with PayPal.

Please be sure to REGISTER your email address first before making your purchase! Once you’re logged in, you will be directed to visit the shop page.

JJ201 Basic Kakehashi Tips

  • Overview
  • Meetings
  • Phone & In-person Conversations
  • Written Correspondence
  • Business Trips
  • Business Cards
  • Other Company Support

Price: $49

JJ202 Japanese Business Culture and Etiquette

  • High/Low Context Societies
  • Uchi/Soto
  • Honne/Tatemae
  • Hourensou
  • Nemawashi
  • Kikubari & Customer Service

Price: $129

JJ203 Life/Travel Support

Supporting Japanese Expats, Expat Families, and Visitors to Japan

Price: $129

JJ204 Business Japanese

Conversational, Email, Phone, and Keigo Japanese Skills

Price: $129

JJ205 Informal Interpreting & Translating

Take Your Japanese <>English Levels to the Next Level Without Translation Certifications

Price: $129

JJ201-JJ205 Bundle

  • All 5 JJ200 courses
  • $565 value!

Price: $479 (save $86)

Interested in the bundle? Be sure to view the individual JJ200 videos and overviews in the links above.

Whenever you’re ready, click here ⤵️

JJ200 Bundle of 5 Courses + Live Cohort

2023 Enrollment is closed. Get on the 2024 waitlist below ⬇️

Go through the 5 JJ200 modules together in a small group of 8 students via weekly Zoom discussions and individual Q&A. 

  • 2023 session dates: October 12, 19, 26 and November 2, 9 (5 Thursdays)
  • Times: 12-1 PM ET, 11 AM – 12 PM PM CT, 9-10 AM PT (US focus, but people from other countries are welcome. Recordings will be available, but it is highly recommended that you join live.)
  • Includes (total commitment: up to 15 hours)
    • Five JJ200 modules: approx. 5 hours total of curriculum to do on own time ($565 value)
    • Five 1-hour group coaching sessions over Zoom ($645 value)
    • 30-60 min of optional homework after each Zoom call (2.5-5 hours total).
    • One 30-min consulting call with Kasia upon completion of all 5 modules and related assignments ($49 value)
    • Lifetime access to the 5 on-demand JJ200 courses. This is my signature course, and you will have lifetime access to all future versions and updates to the course.
    • Kakehashi Certification and LinkedIn testimonial to those who complete all 5 modules and join all 5 Zoom sessions.
    • Payment plan available

Price: $1,210 > $999 (save $211)

Limited to 8 students.

Corporate Pricing

  • Buy 3 bundles get 1 free: $1,916 > $1,437 total for 4 employees
  • Buy 3 bundles + live, get 1 free: $3,996 > $2,997 total for 4 employees (Here companies will have the option to schedule 5 separate live training dates so all 4+ employees can join together.)

Questions? On the fence?

Free live webinars will be offered before promoting the next Live Cohort in 2024. If you have any questions, please click here.

You can also join the private LinkedIn Group for participants of JJ200 (and those interested in it) to network, share thoughts, and ask questions to the group.


  • Who are the trainers? Kasia is the trainer for all courses except for JJ204, which will be run by Chie of Mano Global Learning. (Click on each of the names to see the LinkedIn profiles.)
  • Can I get a sneak peek into how you teach? Sure! Feel free to check out a free recording of two webinars I did with the US-Japan Bridging Foundation or check out the Kakehashi Tips YouTube series with Chie (the instructor for JJ204). 
  • What is the guarantee / refund policy? There are no guarantees in finding or attaining employment with this training. On-demand and live training programs are eligible for a refund up to 24 hours after purchase. We may approve a refund request under the following conditions: provided written notice is sent within 7 calendar days, and; in case of a bundle purchase, the student has completed less than one module or; in case of a single course, the student has completed less than 10% of the total course time. Please review the Refund Policy for more information.

Get started by selecting your course now!

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Please be sure to REGISTER your email address first before making your purchase! Once you’re logged in, you will be directed to visit the shop page.

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