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JJ204 is a standalone course that will give you *the* most important phrases to know when doing business with Japanese people. If you have a basic understanding of hiragana, katakana, some kanji, and grammar, you will do fine. A lot of phrases can be memorized and practiced repeatedly in business, so you don’t have to worry about any proficiency tests, complex grammar rules, or even making mistakes!

Note: the focus is on Japanese jobs in the US, but this can be applied to Japanese jobs in most other countries.


  • Overview
  • Keigo & Honorifics
  • Commonly Used Phrases: Introduction, Hello, Thank You, Apologies, Key Phrases
  • Networking 
  • Small Talk
  • Phone Calls: Internal & External
  • Emails: Internal & External
  • Resources, including some great cheatsheets to have handy at your side!

Is It For You?

  • Japanese language level: basic and up
  • Japanese business knowledge: zero and up
  • Career level: 
    • high school/college student: if you want to take your nihongo courses to the next level
    • entry-level: if you want to apply your current Japanese language level to the real world
    • JET/MEXT returnee: if you want to take what you learned in Japan and apply it to practical use
    • mid-career: if you want to finally use the language skills you gained from a previous college course or Japan program in a current or new career

Note to employers: This course is good for any new hire that may need to brush up on their Japanese language skills, or for any current employees that have Japanese language experience but don’t use it yet.

How Long Is The Course?

Total instruction time: approximately 1 hour 45 min of short videos.

You will receive supplemental information and optional exercises, as well.

The Instructor

Hi, I’m Chie!

Bringing people together despite their differences is at the heart of what I do.

Iโ€™ve spent over two decades breaking down barriers and serving as a catalyst for international collaboration in various industries including education, nonprofit organizations, and manufacturing. 

In 2022, I started my own business to provide consulting and coaching programs to support Japanese companies in the USA. Learn more at my website, Mano Global.

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