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I’m a trilingual American who spent 8 years in Japan, including high school, college, graduate school, and my professional career. I earned my Bachelor’s from Boston University and Master’s from Tokyo’s Ochanomizu University.

My career utilizing Japanese language and cultural skills began in 2003 with concert promotion, and later moved to interpreting/translating, electronics, and automotive. I was able to do this while living in Japan, Poland, Italy and the US.

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What’s ikigai?

The Japanese word ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy) can be translated as “a reason for being” or “sense of purpose.” I define it as your passion, and believe that you can have a “career ikigai.” Read about ikigai.

My ikigai is to share my message via blogging, speaking and training to help job-seekers discover their own ikigai that blends with their Japanese skills – especially those still in school or recently graduated. Further, I help globally-minded employers understand the benefits of these bilingual/bicultural employees, and assist them with the search and training. Finally, my hope is that my job board becomes a hub for all Japanese-related jobs in the US.

P.S. I’m a firm believer that karaoke is the greatest way to connect people, especially if they don’t speak each other’s language ♫


Activities in the US/Japan community:

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Master of Ceremony / Event Support

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Speaking Requests

I am incredibly honored to be invited to speak for various organizations, schools, and companies. I am based in Michigan but am available to speak virtually to any audience. To see a list of my public speaking engagements, please scroll up to the “As Featured” section.

If you are interested in learning more about my speaking and rates, please complete this form here. (Please include the date/time, duration of presentation, topic, and prospective audience in your description.) Thank you!

Kasia with NeoJapanesque
Hinamatsuri 2019; Kasia with NeoJapanesque. Photo by Akiko Brooks.
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