Supporting Job Seekers With Japanese & English Language and/or Cultural Skills

Do you want to...

  • be prepared for your Japanese job search?

  • know what your Japan-related career ikigai is?

  • be aware of the Japan-related opportunities globally?

  • become a kakehashi (“bridge”) with Japan? 

  • get your Japanese job in the US, Japan, or other country?

Career Ikigai by Ikigai Connections

You also probably have these obstacles, right?

Think you have to be fluent…

The JLPT…!

Don’t know where to start…

Through my blog, job board, speaking, and training,

I show students, graduates, JET/MEXT alumni, and mid-career professionals how to:

• discover their Japan-related career ikigai,

• connect with globally-minded employers, and

• utilize their Japanese language & cultural skills in a job.

Kasia of Ikigai Connections

4 Ways To Help You

Are you ready to finally go after your Japanese dream? Let’s do this!

Although the focus is on the US, this advice applies to most other countries, too!


#2) WHERE do you want to work?

  • USA: visit the US Resource page and job board (and be sure to set up job alerts because job ads get updated daily).
  • Japan: check out the list of job boards and recruiters, inc. my ultimate guide at BFF Tokyo.
  • Other countries: the Resource Pages have a short list.


#4) 1-ON-1 ADVICE

Zoom calls are offered as a paid service: “What’s My Ikigai?” Discovery Call and Interview Practice Call.

Click on these conversations:

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