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JJ203 is a standalone course that will inspire you to use your current knowledge of Japanese culture in providing lots of value for a future job opportunity or current role at a company. Even a short stay in Japan is enough of an experience for you to successfully support expats from Japan or visitors going to Japan.

Note: the focus is on Japanese jobs in the US, but this can be applied to Japanese jobs in most other countries.


  • Overview: addressing the elephant in the room that this information isn’t necessary for your career
  • Japanese Expats/Visitors to the US: show you can provide value by helping make their stay a success
  • Japanese Families in the US: go above and beyond by supporting families who you may not see at work
  • Bridging the Gap in the US Workplace: become a team player and catapult your own personal and professional success
  • Travelers to Japan: it’s an opportunity to share your knowledge
  • Utilization: take action!

Is It For You?

  • Japanese language level: zero and up
  • Japanese business knowledge: zero and up
  • Career level: 
    • high school/college student: if you want to be better prepared for a future career
    • entry-level: if you want to find that Japan-related job in the US
    • JET/MEXT returnee: provide surprising value by applying knowledge you gained in Japan
    • mid-career: if you want to finally use the knowledge gained from a previous college course or Japan program in a current or new career

Note to employers: This course is good for any new hire or current employee who has Japan-related experience and can use it to support your expats from Japan or your local employees traveling to Japan for business.

How Long Is The Course?

Total instruction time: approximately 50 minutes of short videos.

You will receive supplemental information and optional exercises, as well.

The Instructor

Photo of Kasia from Ikigai Connections

Hi, I’m Kasia!

I am a trilingual American who spent 8 years in Japan, including high school, college, graduate school and my professional career. I earned my Bachelor’s from Boston University and Master’s from Tokyo’s Ochanomizu University. 

My career utilizing Japanese language and cultural skills began in 2003 with concert promotion, and later moved to interpreting/ translating, electronics and automotive. I was able to do this while living in Japan, Poland, Italy and the US. Learn more here.

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