Sail: A Genuine Japanese Conversation Platform

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(Original post 9/17/2020) The conversation app, Sail, has been gaining momentum around the world because it is a platform for genuine conversations and friendships. 

What Is Sail?

Sail is a Japanese language conversation platform created by the company Helte in Japan.

But there is something very special about Sail that sets it apart from any other company… Helte is on a mission to connect the elderly people in Japan with Japanese speakers located around the world. (While the majority of Japanese people on Sail are elderly people, all ages are represented.)

In fact, Helte has sponsors that donate tablets to senior citizen homes. Isn’t that a wonderful act of goodwill? These senior citizen’s lives are expanded not only because they are learning new technology, but because they are living vicariously through individuals living in countries outside Japan.

Life-Enhancing Benefits For Japanese Language Learners

Regardless of your Japanese language level, you can have a fun and inspiring conversation with someone who has so much wisdom to share. They will be patient and kind with any level of Japanese you have, and make Japanese language learning fun.

Learn life lessons while enjoying your Japanese language practice. You can even ask them what their ikigai is!

How Does It Work?

Sail is super easy to use. Download the app or use the desktop version, set up your profile in minutes, and then you’re ready to schedule some calls. Each call is 25 minutes long, and as long as you have a good internet connection and some headphones for better sound quality, you are all set! (Please also be on time ❤︎)

The prices are very affordable and start at $14.90 for the unlimited monthly plan.

Special Offer For Ikigai Connections Followers

I have always been impressed with the mission behind Sail. That is why I promote the Sail platform to my followers, and am proud to introduce Sail to the USA

Followers of Ikigai Connections can try Sail for one month free. This includes unlimited conversations for an entire month!

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Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Sail In The News

Sail by Helte has been featured in so many news programs and articles, but here are my top 3 sources to check out:

1. Helte was featured in the Mainichi as a key player in helping elderly people via technology.

2. A language learner from Brazil (interview on NHK): (2:08)

3. Tanaka-san’s endearing story including a college junior in Peru and a student in Mexico (interview on NHK): (9:52)

Follow Helte on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn), and be sure to check out their company overview & mission as well as their Sail website.

Give It A Shot!

What have you got to lose? Nothing! In fact, you have much to gain from a shared conversation with someone willing to share their wisdom. You’ll be glad you gave it a shot!

Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

4 thoughts on “Sail: A Genuine Japanese Conversation Platform”

  1. Ikigai Connections

    Hello Su-san,
    Thank you for your question! Yes, you absolutely can install this on your PC. Please click on the “Register Now” button at the very end of the blog post, and you will be directed to install it.
    I hope you enjoy using it!

    1. Ikigai Connections

      Hello Elias,
      Thank you for your question! Although the main focus is to use Japanese (no matter how basic your level), I do believe that most people can also understand English. If you sign up for the Sail newsletter, it does come in both English and Japanese. Please do consider giving it a try!
      Thank you,

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