My 1st Japanese Job Training Seminar 3/9/19

This seminar was great! If you are interested in my online training program, please read more here. Thank you!

I’m excited to announce that my first Japanese Job Training seminar will be held on March 9 (Sat), 2019 in Auburn Hills, Michigan!  (Registration and payment links below.)

This is a passion project of mine that I truly believe is necessary. I want to help those who love studying Japanese, and show them that they CAN get a job using their language skills. 

My training will focus on:

  • discovering your ikigai (your passion)
  • brainstorming potential job positions
  • Japanese business manners
  • learning about the job search itself (就職活動、しゅうしょくかつどう)
  • interview do’s and don’ts
  • a mastermind session with all attendees catered to brainstorm your personal situation

Be sure to sign up for my social media to know when I announce it!

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