I’m Designing an Online Job Board!

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Those who know me, know very well that I am not technologically gifted. Learning how to maneuver the online world of blog creation, mailing lists and social media was, to say the least, horrifying.

However – I did it! It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears (or research, tears, and maybe some bad words), but here you are, reading my blog. 

It goes to show that ANYONE can do ANYTHING they want if they put their heart into it. 

So that is why I thought I was going crazy when I decided to create an online job board. Who, me? How in the world could I manage something so technologically advanced and complicated? 

Well, I’m happy to let you know that it apparently isn’t so terrifying, and there are quite a lot of sources telling you exactly how to do it. This blog post will be about WHY I was inspired to do this, WHAT the job board will look like, and by WHEN it will happen. 

The Reason

Starting an online job board was not my initial intention when I started my blog/business in September 2018. However, the more people I talked with, the more I heard the following two statements:

  1. “We are looking to hire some bilingual/bicultural people; do you know anyone?”
  2. “I’m looking for a job; do you know anyone who is hiring?”

So I started talking about jobs and candidates to more and more people. Then I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add a section on my website to highlight job openings so I could direct job seekers there. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I need to also highlight resumes of candidates, and prove to the global companies that there are many talented Japanese/English bilingual/bicultural candidates out there, especially entry-level candidates. This way, I could truly help connect the two sides. So what better way is there than to create an online job board?

The Research

Let me tell you: there is a surprising amount of information out there on how to create online job boards. There are also a lot of companies offering you this service. It blew my mind; I had no idea!

Basically, it appears I have the following choices:

  1. $$$: Hire a company to make a custom site.
  2. $$: Use an online job board platform from any of the various reputable companies for a monthly fee.
  3. $: Use one of the many WordPress themes that cater specifically to job boards.
  4. $: Put together my own WordPress page by selecting a theme and various widgets that allow for the many functions to be included.

The Results

Those who know me might be surprised to learn that I am going to decide on either #3 or #4

Although I would love nothing more than for an expert to do it for me, #1 and #2 currently have too high of an investment. I want to test my idea first, see what the actual supply/demand situation looks like, and then upgrade. But most importantly, I truly believe that I can handle #3 and #4. (This idea is rather thrilling, I must admit!)

Optimally, I would like to go with #3, but the options out there don’t include some of the key features that I consider to be “must have’s.” Further, these pre-made themes are created by someone, and that someone (wherever in the world they are) may or may not update their themes over time to get rid of bugs, so I would be at the mercy of their customer service if I had questions or problems. Also, the reviews that I’ve been reading for the majority of these themes is not super promising…

So that leaves me #4, which is basically like a puzzle that you put together (and I love me some puzzles!). That said, you have to know whether the pieces truly fit together, as some combinations can be problematic and cause unexpected bugs. 

I’m almost done with my research on #3, so hopefully I will find something that will allow me to go this route. Keeping fingers crossed…

The Goal is June 2019!

My goal is to have this finished by June, but currently all I can do is think about this job board, so maybe it can be done earlier. I am timing it with a new website, as well, so that may cause some downtime for my blog/website. 

Target features:

  • Job Seekers (create free profiles which are only available to registered companies):
    • post your photo and resume
    • link to a YouTube video where you speak in Japanese or about Japan
    • clarify desired location, language level, and job type (intern/part-time/full-time)
    • get e-mail notifications for new jobs
  • Employers/Recruiters (3 payment options – with introductory discount):
    • post your job ad and company overview
    • search through the resume database
    • clarify your desired language level 
    • utilize all typical job board functions (location, intern/part-time/full-time, etc.) 
    • get e-mail notification when a new candidate has created a profile

Please note, some of these functions may end up not being possible to incorporate at this time, but will be actualized in the future Job Board 2.0!

Patience, please 🙂 

Since this is so new, it may take some time before I have enough candidates to prove to global companies how many exist, and before I have enough job ads to convince candidates to sign up. It is a chicken/egg scenario… 

My dream is that this can slowly become a central hub for Japanese/English bilingual/bicultural jobs AND candidates outside of Japan. I am starting in Michigan, of course, but will reach out to other states, too.

It’s funny… I didn’t get here to this idea right away. It took me many, many months of trying one idea, which led me to the next, which led me further down this exciting entrepreneurial path. I’m happy that I was open to trying new things, and also excited to see what doors this choice opens up in the future.

This is FOR the bilingual/bicultural community!

I have been speaking about this idea with many organizations and key figures in Michigan and other states. I would be honored to help make these connections to further strengthen the Japanese and American cultural connection.

If you want to be notified when the job board is complete, or if you have any ideas or requests related to this job board, be sure to sign up for my mailing list or contact me here.

Austin Schmid on Unsplash.com

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