How May I Help You? Do You Want To Be Featured On My Blog?

Emily Morter on

This is my 30th blog post, which I consider a huge accomplishment 🙂 However, I’ve been throwing ideas and advice at my readers, but I haven’t formally asked HOW I MAY HELP YOU. 

So this is an official call for questions to you: what would you like to ask me? Is there any burning question you have? 

Here are some topics:

  • figuring out your ikigai ( = your passion)
  • planning your Japanese curriculum
  • searching for an internship
  • searching for potential employers
  • interviewing practice
  • using Japanese language on the job

OR: Do you want to submit a question with your background and future dreams to get some advice? Perhaps you know what you like to study or do, but you just can’t begin to imagine how that could translate into a career?

Write me and you can be featured on my blog!

How to reach me:

  • post your question on my blog
  • post on my social media
  • send a message here

I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Emily Morter on

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