Senpai Success Story #32: Dan, Communicator Extraordinaire

Dan, Senpai Success Story

We’re doing something different this time by having a video Senpai Success Story!

Introducing Dan

Dan is a podcaster and master communicator with lots of experience at Japanese companies, so if anyone is interested in branding, PR, sales, and marketing, you should definitely hear his story. 

Dan explains how the JET Program turbo-charged his love of Japan and the language, and how being curious in life is so important.

Welcome to the Senpai Success Story, where you can read about others who have walked a unique career path using their Japanese language/cultural skills. (Senpai means “mentor” or “teacher,” and the concept is important to understand for anyone wishing to work in a Japanese business setting.)

#1 Piece of Advice

Dan’s #1 tip for anyone on their career journey is to network. Listen in to hear his perspective!

(P.S. I couldn’t agree more! Here’s a webinar replay about networking that I did with the US-Japan Bridging Foundation if you want to learn more about in-person and online networking.)

Try This Crazy Idea in Japan

One thing we didn’t get to record was how being a frequent visitor to a local izakaya in Japan skyrocketed Dan’s language, cemented great relationships, and expanded his palate. If anyone is planning to go, or already is, in Japan, try this idea out! Research with a friend on where to go, and then gather the courage to go by yourself one day. You’ll be super happy that you did!

Follow Dan

Podcast: The Dan Nestle Show (listen to our conversation about Ikigai here)


Twitter: @dsnestle

Instagram: @dsnestle


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