Everything You Need To Know From Both Webinars

Networking (10/20/21)

Main links mentioned:

  • Networking with Jessica & Trevin (US-Japan Bridging Foundation YouTube channel)
  • The most important phrase in Japanese business: 2-minute video about ใฉใ†ใžใ‚ˆใ‚ใ—ใใŠ้ก˜ใ„ใ—ใพใ™
  • Job-related scams (read on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram)
  • 3-part Ghosting series!

Building a Japan-related Career (9/15/21)

All of the links from the 9/15/21 presentation are below:

Senpai Success Stories

  • Anthonyโ€™s Tips on Living & Working in Japan
  • Bilingual Executive Jessica
  • Ashlee, Bilingual Executive Assistant
  • Lauren, Bilingual Engineering Technician
  • Stacy on the New Frontier of Interpreting
  • Graeme, Interpreter & Translator (and how a broken nose got him to Japan)
  • Nicole, the Manga Freelance Translator
  • The Online Japanese Teaching Entrepreneur, Jess
  • Kyle, the Shy Guy & Former JET Who Could
  • Famous Faye Sensei in Michigan
  • University Professor in Japan, Monique Sensei
  • Emily, the Offbeat, Quirky Career Counselor
  • Byron, Promoting Japan for Creatives
  • Landscape Architecture and Tom
  • Showbiz with Charles
  • Shannon, the Librarian for Manga, Anime & Dramas
  • Check out all of the Senpai Success Stories here

Other Resources

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