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Table of Contents (updated: 6/2024)

  • Recruiters/ Job Information
  • Business Organizations
  • General/ Visa Information
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Education
  • Japanese Language: inc. schools, JLPT & NAT
  • Other Information
  • Trivia/ Fun Facts

If you want to work specifically in Japan, don’t forget to check out the Japan Resources page. 

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Recruiters/ Job Information

As we have seen, a lot of technical collaborations have taken place between India & Japan and this will continue going forward. The future looks bright for people with relevant skill sets (technical & non-technical) and Japanese language knowledge. Job hiring agencies providing Japanese-related employment information in India are as follows:

The above-mentioned recruitment agencies mainly deal with interpretation/ translation, finance, operations, engineering and IT opportunities. Other information related to networking opportunities are as follows:

  • InterNationsExpat communities like these are useful for career networking and finding a cultural connection with like-minded individuals.
  • The Japanese Hub: Career-related services, helping people connect with Japan and Japanese language (Dr. Manasi Shirgurkar).
  • Japanese Business Establishments in India – An exhaustive list of business establishments in India provided by the Embassy.

Business Organizations

These organizations help to encourage trade & commerce between India & Japan, a kind of bridge between the 2 nations. Inquire about employment and volunteering opportunities at the Japanese business/ organizations listed here.

General/ Visa Information

All the below-mentioned pages are simply designed and contain the same information mainly dealing with visas, cultural events, economic and foreign policy.

Cultural Organizations

  • The Japan India Association – One of the oldest institutions dealing with all exchanges between India and Japan.
  • Indo-Japan Welfare & Cultural Association: An organization based in Kolkata, conducting Japanese language classes and handling various cultural events relating to Japan.
  • Cultural Aspects – The cultural web page of the Embassy of Japan in India, events being hosted by different groups.
  • Meetup India – Popular cultural groups across different cities in India.
  • Konnichiwa Pune – A business cum cultural event organized in Pune, India.


Make the most of the educational opportunities in Japan, since now is the right time to equip yourself with the latest tools and technologies. Various pages dealing with education & scholarship are as follows:

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA collaborating with Indian Institute of Hyderabad.
  • Japan Foundation, New Delhi – Opportunities for studying in Japan, different exchange programs. Check out the Japan Foundation Fellowship, which is a perfect way to fuel your dreams of studying in Japan and pursuing research opportunities.
  • Leverage Edu Information on Japan Student Exchange Platform Program, well-known universities are part of this program.
  • Japan India Exchange Platform Program: A University of Tokyo initiative, a platform to build India-Japan exchange.
  • Study in Japan – A unique guide on different educational programs in Japan and other associated details. A virtual study fair being hosted by JASSO.
  • Education, Embassy of Japan in India – Official information on educational opportunities provided by the Japanese Embassy in India. Also find information on government scholarships for various student categories.
  • TITP – Vocational training initiative, a partnership between India & Japan. Quite a popular choice for high-school graduates and only authorised agencies are allowed to select eligible students for this program.

Japanese Language

There are many Japanese language schools in India across different states and each one of them have their own individual characteristics. Many Universities as well as individuals are involved in teaching Japanese and it all boils down to the personal choice of the learner. There are also many private universities offering Japanese language programs.

  • Japanese Language Education in India – An overview on the history of Japanese language education in India. Source: Wikipedia.
  • The Japan Foundation, New Delhi – Find everything about Japan through the Japan Foundation. Also browse through the site to find relevant learning materials for all budding Japanese students, the path is as follows: Home> Japanese Studies> Resources.
  • College Dunia – Offering information on Japanese language diploma programs across India.

Some famous institutes/ universities offering Japanese language studies:

Language Schools

There are many famous Japanese language schools offering online as well as in-person classes and many schools providing placement services. Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Shantiniketan are the hubs of Japanese language learning. Private tutors are also available across these learning hubs. The list is as follows:

JLPT and NAT Certification

  • List of Overseas Test Site Cities and Local Host Institutions – Test Centres in India (South Asia). This website also includes information on the JLPT examination, learning materials, and interactive learning tools. More than useful for language learners across all levels.
  • JLPT New Test Timings – New exam section timings for N4 and N5 starting December 2020.
  • NAT – Find everything about NAT language certification and other associated details.

Other Information

Japanese people expressing their perceptions about India and Indians, courtesy YouTube:

Indians sharing their recent experiences about Japan on YouTube:

Trivia/ Fun Facts

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