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  • Introduction: Purpose of the page 
  • Career-Related Resources: These resources will provide you with the information you need to find a Japan-related job in the United Kingdom, or in Japan!
  • Government-Related Resources: These resources will provide you with the main institutions that serve as bridges between Japanese society and the United Kingdom. 
  • Culture and Language Resources: These resources provide you with the opportunity to learn more about how the culture of the countries within the United Kingdom coincides and mixes with Japanese culture, as well as gain more knowledge and awareness about Japanese diplomatic relations as well as different ways the Japanese community in the United Kingdom celebrate their heritage.
  • Visas and Travel-Related Information: This information will help those planning on traveling to, or studying abroad or working in Japan! Whether you are an artist, business person, or student, if you are planning on a long stay in the land of the rising sun, you will likely need a visa. In this section, you will find information about the different types of visas you need.

If you want to work specifically in Japan, don’t forget to check out the Japan Resources page. 

Regardless of the country you want to live in, be sure to see the Online Resources page for informative websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, apps, and more!

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The purpose of this page is to provide people in the United Kingdom with Japan-related career-centered and cultural information. Each of the sections in this page provides helpful and integral information that is beneficial to anyone currently searching for a Japan-related career, whether that is in the United Kingdom or not.

If you are already working within a Japanese or Japan-related organization, this page will provide you information about Japan-related organizations in the United Kingdom that you might want to join in order to connect with other like-minded people or to improve your language skills, or to even support your company through conferences or coalitions.

Career-Related Resources

Job Ads/ Job Listings/ Recruiters 

  • JETAA UK Job Page:This page is created and monitored by the JET Alumni Organization of the United Kingdom. One of the advantages of becoming a JET is the massive alumni community that is built around the program itself. The alumni from JET tend to make significant connections in the Japanese community of their homeland, and thus can help provide others with resources to enter those companies as well. The list here is exhaustive, and as long as JETs continue returning from Japan and finding new opportunities to share, this page is bound to grow eternally. Even if you are not yet a JET, you can look at this page to find company names of places that are hiring as well as types of positions to aim for in your career search!
  • People First Team Japan: This human-resource consulting organization assists people with Japanese-speaking skills find jobs in England. On their website, you can find a box on the bottom to send them an inquiry about their services. The team provides Japan-related opportunities in a variety of fields, from accounting and finance to sales, IT, and translation, among other fields. Furthermore, since Team Japan is part of the broader People First team, the Japan team is able to connect candidates that apply through them, with people in the other teams. Also, on this main page you can find links to testimonies from people who have used the service in the past.
  • JAC RecruitmentThis recruitment company focuses on placing high quality individuals in careers throughout Asia, and in the UK. The website has both an English and a Japanese version, as the company is headquartered in Japan. Thus, whether you would like to work in a Japanese-related job in England or somewhere else, JAC is here to help
  • Career Forum: This is an in-person career forum in London for non-Japanese and Japanese UK residents who would like to find a career in Japan. Career Forum is an international organization that hosts forums like the one in England around the world in various countries. Therefore, its reputation is well known and the companies who participate in the forum are high level companies.
  • Prospects: This is a website that provides career listings and career consulting advice to recent university graduates. This particular page on Prospects focuses on Japan-related opportunities, both in Japan and in other Asian  countries.Though this blog was edited in 2019, it provides links to various helpful Japan related sites that you can use for your search for a job in Japan, including internship-specific sites.


  • 10 Things to know about working in England: This list, written in Japanese, provides you with 10 things one ought to know about working in England. From which career websites you should use to find certain jobs, to how to write cover letters and resumes, to the prices of living, this list could be helpful to fresh graduates looking for a job in London and helps understand the possible perspectives of your Japanese coworkers/ bosses.

Business Organizations 

  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK: An organization that promotes business and trade between Japan and the UK. Member companies typically are well known for building relations between the UK and Japan and thus committed to keeping their international business going. For that reason, if you are looking for companies to apply to, this is a good place to start.

Government-Related Resources

  • Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom: You may not think of it as a career resource at first, but not only can you find links to Japan-related career resources as well as job opportunities at the Embassy itself. The Embassy of Japan is the main information center for any Japan-related inquiry in the United Kingdom. Whether you are conducting research related to Japan, applying for a visa to Japan, wanting to learn about Japanese culture or language, or government related jobs or study abroad opportunities, the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom is the place to go.
  • Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh: Though the Embassy of Japan for the United Kingdom is located in England, if you reside in Scotland you can visit the Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh for Japan-related information, inquiries related to visas, and any other Japanese government related needs. The Consulate is also very active in the Scottish community and thus can provide much information about Japanese language classes, cultural events, and other Japanese organizations within Scotland. 
  • Japan Foundation of the UK: Government organization that provides cultural and language resources for UK residents interested in learning more about Japan. The Japan foundation also hosts webinars and programs to foster Japan-UK connections.
  • Japan Society of the UK: You can find wonderful internship opportunities with the Japan Society! The Japan Society is highly involved in Japan-related matters in England and is a wonderful place to connect with professionals that are associated with Japan-related organizations and/or corporations. The Japan Society is also one of the most well known institutions around the world! Unlike general museums that hold Japan-related exhibitions from time to time, the Japan Society, since it specializes in Japan, holds exhibitions and presentations related to Japan year-around they tend to be superbly informative and timely. If you are ever conducting Japan-related research, contacting the Japan Society is a wonderful place to contact for resources pertaining to Japan.
  • Japan Society of Scotland: The Japan Society of Scotland provides the Scottish community with Japanese cultural events and funding opportunities to schools to fund Japanese language programs.
  • Japan Society of Northern Ireland: Non-profit organization that aims to support the Japanese community of Northern Ireland as well as inter-cultural efforts between Northern Irish and Japanese people.

Culture and Language Resources

Japanese Language

  • Nihongo Connection: Helping business-travellers improve their Japanese language skills and converse naturally by simplifying the language barriers. Nihongo Connection offers online language courses, including introductory courses like “Conversation Kickstart.”
  • Rikkyo Boarding School: A Japanese boarding school in the British countryside that has been approved by the Japanese government to teach a fully Japanese curriculum equal in type and quality to Japan’s educational standards. Though comprised of mostly Japanese natives (hence English communication classes) the school is open to Japanese and non-Japanese alike.
  • Japan Foundation Language Centre: A portion of the larger Japan Foundation UK organization that serves as a provider of Japanese language focused education to residents of the UK. Offerings include: Private database of Japanese tutors and teachers; link to the JLE- UK online discussion group; funding opportunities for Japanese language programs; list of Japanese language schools and institutions; and answers to FAQs regarding studying Japanese.


  • Kagemusha Taiko Festival: Annual Japanese drum (Taiko) festival in England that serves as a fun and enjoyable way to interact with Japanese musical culture in England. They also host Taiko workshops in the UK!
  • Obon Festival in Northern Ireland: The group that hosts the only Obon festival in the UK and that also holds year-round language and cultural programming in regards to music, dance, and crafts.
  • Kashuu Calligraphy: Calligraphy classes in the UK taught by a renowned artist and the ability to present your work at the Japan Matsuri. 
  • Kyushindo Martial Arts: Try practicing a mix of karate and judo through studying the art of Kyushindo. Though martial arts are popularized through the iconic fighting moves and stances, practicing martial arts is another way to learn about different aspects of Japanese history and culture. View the 7 UK locations by visiting the Homepage > Clubs.
  • Japan Matsuri: National festival celebrating Japanese culture in the UK usually held in September! Participate within and learn about various Japanese cultural events, brought to you by local and international talent. 
  • Japan House: A museum/ art gallery with a Michelin-starred restaurant within. The Japan House fosters appreciation of contemporary Japanese culture in London and serves as a sort of beacon of Japanese art and culture in London.

Visas and Travel-Related Information

  • UK Embassy Of Japan Visa Page: This is the official page for visa-related information and procedures to be taken at the Embassy of Japan in the UK. 
  • Consulate General  of Japan in Scotland: It is advised that residents of Northern England and Scotland, as well as non-UK residents, apply for visas here.
  • Visa HQ: This website provides useful information on visa requirements for UK residents in regards to various countries. It provides useful information that is good to know when deciding which visa you need and what to ask about when you approach the Consulate to inquire about your visa. 
  • Wee Scottish Lass: Check out this YouTube channel to see a video about how a Scot enjoys Japan, in addition to other travel related matters.
  • Is it Better to Live in the UK or Japan?: This video, by Kantan Japan, is about the pros and cons of life in the UK and in Japan.
  • Working Holiday Visa in Japan: This video, by Marianna Vlogs, talks about the Working Holiday visa and daily life in Japan as well. Her channel has a lot of interesting videos!

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Don’t forget to check out the other Resource pages, too! The Japan page is all about working in Japan. The Online Resource page is all about culture, language and job search tips, regardless of your home country.

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