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  • Job Search Sites
  • Business Societies
  • Governmental/Visa
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Education
  • YouTube Videos
  • Blogs and Publications
  • Shops, Events, Fun

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Job Search Sites

  • XPAT Jobs  (EN) This free-to-use website specializes in jobs in Poland for English speakers and multilingual vacancies. If you are looking for a job speaking Japanese, you can refine your search using the language field that is under the ‘looking for multilingual jobs’ link in the main job search form. Their keyword search also accepts keywords in foreign languages, and it will match you with job descriptions that are posted in that language. 
  • Y-Link  (EN/JP/POL) A translation company that provides Japanese translation for Polish companies. Their translation services include translating IT paperwork, business documents, instruction manuals, direct interpretation, and more. They also offer training and workshops on Japanese culture for workers. You can apply for jobs under their “Jobs at Y-Link” header. 

Business Societies

  • JETRO Poland (JP) JETRO Poland (POL)  Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a Japanese government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Under “Linki” you can find a large list of resources, such as Polish institutions and companies in Japan, Japanese companies and institutions in Poland, travel information, and much more.
  • SHOKOKAI (JP) A business society located in Poland that focuses on Japanese companies and maintaining corporate relations between Poland and Japan. You can find job opportunities under their 求職求人/Careers tab. You can also find a long list of Japanese companies in Poland under their 会員企業/members tab.
  • Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (EN/JP) The Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has a goal to foster economic exchanges between the nations of Japan and Poland, particularly in the area of trade. In order to realize this aim the new chamber of commerce will work to establish ties with the governments of Japan and Poland, key parties in the EU and prominent business leaders.
  • Ichigo Japanese Business and Culture Center (EN/JP/POL) A Poland-based company that offers Japanese language courses, trips to Japan, and work opportunities in Japan. You can find jobs listed under the “Work in Japan” tab. 
  • InterNations A website that focuses on uniting Poles living in Japan. They have many networking opportunities for expats as well as events. 


  • Embassy of Japan in Poland (JP/POL) Includes information on public relations, bilateral relations, politics, foreign policy, health care, and more. Located in Warsaw. 
  • Embassy of Poland in Japan (POL) Everything you need to know about Poland-related links in Japan, including travel to Japan, the economy, and important resources.
  • Portal Promocji Eksportu A government website focusing on Polish and Japanese economic relations, news, and events.

Cultural Organizations

  • Forum Poland (JP) A NPO that focuses on spreading Polish culture, history, art, politics, and more, to interested Japanese people. They host different presentations on this topic and aim to promote cultural exchange between the two cultures.
  • 日本ポーランド協会関西センター/Towarzystwo Japonsko-Polskie Oddzial w Kansai (JP) An organization for anyone interested in Polish language and culture. This one is based in the Kansai area, but they have one in Nagoya and Tokyo as well. They also host Polish language classes.
  • Hokkaido-Poland Cultural Association (JP) This association strives to promote cultural exchange between Hokkaido and Poland, and to spread the love of Polish music, history, art, and movies.
  • Polonia Japonica (POL) An online resource curated by a group of Polish women living in Japan about life in Japan, the language and literature, culture, art, architecture, articles and advice for other Poles.
  • Instytut Polski w Tokio (POL/JP) A Tokyo based institute dedicated to maintaining good relations between Japan and Poland. They host Polish cultural events such as movie screenings, art, music and book readings.


  • Warsaw School of Japanese Language (EN/JP/POL) A Japanese language school in Warsaw that has its own textbooks and offers 10 different levels of lessons. They host a taiko and calligraphy club, a Japan Lovers club for teens, and a summer school. They also have a Youtube channel. 
  • Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (POL/RU/EN) This Warsaw university specializes in computer science, information management, graphic designs, interior design, and the culture of Japan. 
  • The Japanese School in Warsaw (JP) A Japanese language immersion school run by the Japanese Club Poland. They offer classes from elementary through middle school.
  • Matsumi Japanese Language Workshop (JP/POL) This school located in Wroclaw offers Japanese lessons for people interested in Japanese culture or people who are trying to pass the JLPT. They have published their own JLPT N4 and N5 textbooks. 
  • Kotonoha (POL) A Warsaw based language school that offers Japanese classes for people of all levels. They offer standard classes and slower classes for people wanting to learn at a more leisurely pace.They also offer one-on-one tutoring, online classes, cultural activities, and courses for children.
  • Kursy języka japońskiego – SAKURA (POL) Offers Japanese classes, inc. JLPT, from native Japanese speakers.
  • Nauka języka japońskiego (POL) A Japanese school in Krakow.
  • Szkoła języków orientalnych MATSURI (POL) Offers Japanese language classes, translation/interpretation services, workshops, and resources.
  • Kotoba (POL) Agency offering language lessons, cultural consulting, interpreting/translation, and cultural workshops.

YouTube Videos 

Blogs and Publications

  • Japonia pełną chochlą (POL) A Japan-lover’s blog about Japan. Be sure to check out the more recently updated Facebook page, too.
  • JaponiaBliżej (POL) Blog about recent events and trends in Japan.
  • Z Polski (JP) A website that reports on Polish art, culture and travel in Japanese. A great resource for Japanese reading practice!
  • Japoland (JP/POL) This website offers extensive information on Polish culture, news, sports, lifestyle, travel, and more, all in Japanese. They also offer a lot of information in Polish.
  • (POL/EN) A news website about Japanese culture, politics, and lifestyle based in Poland.
  • Jugyouchuu (POL) This blogger teaches one Japanese word/phrase a week. Very helpful, even though she stopped blogging in 2019.

Shops, Events, Fun 

  • Czesław Miłosz in Japanese (EN) An article about the Japanese translation of famous Polish poet Czesław Miłosz’s poems. They were recorded for an audiobook by actor Tohru Watanabe and the project was organized by the Polish Embassy in Tokyo. They also introduce two Japanese experts of Polish language in the article, Professor Tokimasa Sekiguchi and Professor Mitsuyoshi Numano. 
  • Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology (POL/JP/EN) This museum located in Krakow studies and shows the mutual cultural relations between Poland and Japan, the East and the West. They host a lot of cultural events, like a yearly Children’s Day event, tea ceremonies, and Japanese film showings through their Academy of Japanese Cinema.They also host a Japanese language school that is affiliated with the Japan Foundation. Their school offers lessons from basic to advanced levels and are conducted in Polish
  • Poland Film Fes (JP) A yearly Polish film festival that takes place in Tokyo.
  • Tajfuny Bookstore (EN/POL) This Warsaw bookstore carries books about and from Asia, including Japan, mainly in English or Polish. They also have a podcast.
  • Gazetka polonistów TUFS “Cześć” 東京外国語大学ポーランド語学生新聞 (POL) Facebook page of the Polish newspaper published once a semester at the Tokyo International College.
  • Zanshin (POL) A Japanese goods shop in Poland.

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