20+ Positive Distractions To Deal With The Intensity

20+ Positive Distractions To Deal with the Intensity

As the world around us intensifies with constant updates on the coronavirus, financial markets, politics and other news, and as our schedules are disrupted with the unknown, let’s see if we can take a break from our phones and do at least one thing from this list.

Note: I’m not negating the importance of these circumstances nor taking any sides. I just sense the panic that is overwhelming us, and hope to provide a positive distraction so we’re not worrying 24/7. I hope this is helpful! (Let me know if you have anything to add to the list!)

  1. Get a little caught up on sleep
  2. Clear up space on your DVR
  3. Read that book you’ve wanted to read for ages
  4. Call someone you haven’t talked to in years
  5. Get caught up on work and/or personal emails
  6. Binge watch your favorite show
  7. Turn off all news for a mental break
  8. Exercise
  9. Finally declutter your closet/office/basement/etc. a la Marie Kondo
  10. Attempt meditating – now especially is a good time

11. Play board games 

12. Update your resume

13. Catch up on homework

14. Listen to those podcasts that are queued up

15. Handwrite a letter 

16. Deep clean the house

17. Clean up your yard

18. Organize your photos 

19. Start that hobby 

20. Have an adult beverage (if you’re an adult)

21. Make a romantic dinner (turn a movie on for the kids if you have them)

If you have any positive additions to this list, send me a note 🙂

The world needs a little light in this current darkness ❤︎

For a little more motivation, take a look at this blog post: https://www.ikigaiconnections.com/if-you-fall-pick-yourself-back-up/

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