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Table of Contents (updated: 1/2021)

  • Job Related Sources
  • Business Organizations 
  • General/Visa Information 
  • Cultural Organizations 
  • Language Resources 
  • Other 

If you want to work specifically in Japan, don’t forget to check out the Japan Resources page. 

Regardless of the country you want to live in, be sure to see the Online Resources page for informative websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, apps, and more!


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Job Related Sources

  • Learn 4 Good- Job board that posts jobs for Spanish speakers who wish to work and live in Japan. 
  •  Online platform to promote Japanese language and culture, through private/shared sessions, guidance on scholarships, job opportunities, or tailor-made tours in Japan. Entirely in Spanish, talks about Japanese language, business, and culture, and covers working with nihongo as well. Learn more about building your application for a scholarship, or your professional profile to work in Japan!

Business Organizations 

  • Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan- website dedicated to the SpCCJ, a voluntary association of business firms and individual professionals belonging to different trades and industries whose goal is to further their interests in Japan, Spain and Latin America.
  • EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation- Website geared towards connecting European and Japanese businesses and companies. Website offers business services, resources, and more.
  • Spain Japan Foundation (Fundación Consejo España Japón)- Website that provides information and news geared towards bridging Japanese and Spanish culture.
  • Shacho kai– Private Association of Spanish and Japanese companies.

General/Visa Information

  • Embassy of Japan in Madrid- Webpage that provides information about the Japanese embassy in Spain, which is located in Madrid. Offers both Spanish and Japanese versions of the website. 
  • Embassy of Spain in Japan- Webpage for the Spanish embassy located in Tokyo, which provides news and information on how to travel, work, and live between the two countries. 

Cultural Organizations 

  • Spain Japan Foundation- Organization focused on connecting Spanish and Japanese culture, which provides updates on news and current affairs between the two countries. 
  • ES JAPON- Cultural organization which works to connect Spanish and Japanese citizens and cultures.
  • Accion Cultural- Spanish Culture website with resources on the Spanish Embassy in Japan as well as relevant articles about cultural affairs. 
  • Japan Foundation Madrid- Spanish website dedicated to the Spanish chapter of the Japan Foundation, located in Madrid. 

Japanese Language 

Language Schools 

  • – Japanese language and culture school in Madrid, with a web platform for online private or shared lessons. Workshops and personal coaching for scholarships or job opportunities at Japanese companies.
  • Mitoyo Center- (study in Spain) language school based in Madrid, Spain, that focuses on helping Spanish citizens learn Japanese and connect to Japan! 
  • Centro Japones IQRA-  (study in Spain) Website dedicated to the language school located in Madrid that specializes in Japanese lessons! 
  • Academia Japonia- (study in Spain) Japanese school located in Barcelona geared towards teaching Spanish citizens Japanese and aiding them in studying for the JLPT exam! 
  • Universities- (study in Spain) Interested in learning about Japanese language and culture in Spain? The websites for these universities offer programs to help build your knowledge of Japanese. 
  • Japonia- (study in Japan) Looking to find a language school to study in Japan? Check out the schools listed on the website, or set up a virtual consulting appointment to help find the best Japanese language school for you. 
  • Akamonkai- (study in Japan) Japanese language school with accommodations for native Spanish speaking students.
  • Sakitama International Academy- (study in Japan) Language school based in Japan geared towards Spanish speakers looking
  •  to learn Japanese.
  • JPSS- (study in Japan) Looking to study in Japan? This website provides information on scholarships and applications for international students hoping to study in Japan at the university level and beyond. 

JLPT Certification 

  • JLPT Espana Official Page- Official page for the JLPT that provides information on taking the exam in Spain. 
  • UAB JLPT- Website that provides information on taking the JLPT exam at The Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Self Study Online 

  • NHK Japanese Lessons- Lessons for Spanish speakers looking to learn Japanese. Learn vocabulary, listening skills, and more! 
  • Loecsen- Looking to begin your Japanese studies? This website provides guides for learning basic Japanese vocabulary as well as listening practice for you to use to kickstart your Japanese learning journey. 
  • Mirando Hacia Japon- Blog about Japanese language that will aid you in learning about language, idioms, kanji, and more. 
  • Duolingo- Free app in Spanish that will aid you in your Japanese studies with daily, bite sized lessons for you to use.
  • Lang-8- Write Japanese and have it corrected by native Japanese speakers to help improve your writing! You can also help speakers learn your native language by correcting their work as well.
  • Idiomas Complutense- Website that provides resources in Spanish for learning Japanese as well as virtual courses to aid you in your self studies.
  • Kimisikita- Website geared towards Spanish speakers looking to study Japanese, from the beginner level up to JLPT N1!
  • Marugoto Japanese- Website that offers online Japanese language courses for Spanish speakers! 
  • Wabasi- Website that offers Japanese lessons and courses to Spanish speakers to help build up skills in 3 months.
  • Aprende Japones Hoy- Online market that offers a wide variety of Japanese textbooks, study materials, and more.
  • Japones En La Nube– Japanese learning website that provides courses, tutors, study materials, and more for Spanish speakers. 

Other Sources

  • Ryoki Tokyo- Japanese YouTuber making videos in Spanish about Japanese language and culture. Produces content on food, travel, social issues, and more. 
  • Go! Go! Nihon Blog- Blog in Spanish that talks about Japanese language and culture, as well as living and working in Japan. 
  • Nekojita Blog- Japanese YouTuber making content in Spanish about the Japanese language and culture, as well as connecting Spanish and Japanese culture!
  • Cultura Asiatica- Blog in Spanish centered around the cultures of East Asian countries, with a whole section dedicated to Japanese culture.
  • Aki Monogatari- Blog in Spanish centered around Japanese culture, history, literature, and more.
  • Cool Japan- Website centered around Japanese culture and society written in Spanish. 
  • RoYuMi- Spanish speaking YouTube family that makes content about living and traveling in Japan and Japanese culture!
  • La Esponesa– Japanese YouTuber who produces content in Spanish about Japanese language, culture, and living in Japan.
  • Anshin Doyle- Spanish YouTuber that makes videos about her experiences living in Japan, and also covers a variety of topics related to Japanese culture. 
  • Japonismo- Spanish blog dedicated to Japanese language, culture, travel, and more.
  • Nipponismo Hira y Laura- YouTube couple who produces videos in Spanish about their experience living in Japan as well as about culture and language. 

Be sure to reach out to Annabella Jankowski on LinkedIn. If you have any other suggestions to be added to this list, please submit them here.

Don’t forget to check out the other Resource pages, too! The Japan page is all about working in Japan. The Online Resource page is all about culture, language and job search tips, regardless of your home country.

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