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Share your Japan story and how you utilize the language and/or cultural skills in your career.

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Show students, recent grads, JET alumni and others how having Japanese bilingual and/or bicultural skills is important to business.

“Senpai”: A Senpai for these stories is someone who is not a native Japanese person and who utilizes Japanese language and/or cultural skills in a current or past career. A Senpai can be any age, as long as they can share a life lesson!

Topic: I love to see what Senpai come up with on their own; that’s the best way to hear their voice and message without filtering! That said, please try to answer these questions somewhere throughout your story:

  • How/why did you start learning Japanese?
  • Tell me about your Japan and career connection. (i.e. describe how knowing the language and/or cultural skills is important, and/or explain whether you needed to be “fluent.”)
  • Give 3-5 tips for someone starting out on their bilingual/bicultural journey.

Format: Please make your article easy to read by creating headlines in between paragraphs and adding bold text to certain phrases so they stand out.

Length: N/A

Deadline: I post on Thursdays and, upon receipt of your SSS, will add it to the publishing queue.

Photo: Please send a quality image of yourself and/or of something Japan-related.

Social media: Please provide your social media handles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so I may tag you. If you do not want to be tagged, let me know.

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