Are You A Serious Learner of Japanese? 

Keep reading to learn more about this limited time offer. You’ll need to contact Maplopo (details below) by 11:59 PM PST May 1st (Wednesday), 2024.

Note to Employers: this is a great benefit to offer for your up-and-coming employees. Watch their Japanese usage at work skyrocket!

Image about the Maplopo Japanese language program
Introduction to Maplopo’s language program for Ikigai Connections users

Ikigai Connections has partnered with Maplopo for special access to its private TEAMS program!

You may already know Maplopo is on a mission to help Japanese language learners internalize language through the power of story, and this year they’re bringing their exclusive private cohort experience to Ikigai Connections readers!

This means you get access to Maplopo’s foundational Individuals program, PLUS all the extra benefits that come with their TEAMS program: the 7 live calls, the weekly homework reviews, the 15 personally reviewed writing assignments… the workbook… INCLUDING their $100 cash back completion bonus for one low price.

Even better! –> IF more than seven people apply and are accepted before the Spring 2024 deadline, you’ll save even more money. More on that below… 

Program Details

โ„น๏ธ This program is for you if you consider yourself to be a serious learner of Japanese, and are willing to make a 15-week commitment from July 8 through October 28 to boosting your learning. The course is challenging and requires you spend at least one hour a day with the material. If that sounds like you, well… this is one offer that’s hard to beat.

๐Ÿ” Here are the basics: Everything is taught entirely in English for the first eight weeks of the course as you’re immersed in a short story by Dazai Osamu translated by Maplopo founders Doc and Reiko Kane, then the program shifts to all Japanese in the last seven weeks when you’ll hop on live group calls held strictly in Japanese.

What’s nice about this away-from-the-textbook approach is that the story framework helps keeps your learning “in context” so you can just simply enjoy the story as it’s meant to be enjoyed. It’s almost like that Japan elective course you wish existed in college but didn’t. Well, here it is!

๐Ÿจ Since 2019 Maplopo has been translating Japan’s literary masters: Nakajima Atsushi, Sakaguchi Ango, and now two from Dazai. If internalizing the language is something important to you, taking a deep dive into the language with the respected translators and teachers at Maplopo is quite the opportunity.

What’ll It Cost?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ And, now for our shared extra money-saving opportunity! 

For the first six applicants accepted into this Ikigai Connections cohort, the cost to each learner is only $800. However, once we hit our seventh accepted applicant, the price drops even more. Like this:

Accepted applicants:

  • 0-6:   $800 per person
  • 7-11:  $750 per person
  • 12-17: $700 per person
  • 18-23: $650 per person
  • 24-28: $600 per person

So, by rallying together over the next few weeks and applying before the Spring deadline of May 1st, everyone benefits!

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Again, here’s what you get for a great 15-week program [July 8 – October 28]:

  • 7 Live 90-minute group Google Meet calls (in Japanese!) * times TBD but will be JST and other time zones relative to the applicant pool
  • Weekly review of worksheet assignments by your course instructor
  • 15 Personally reviewed Japanese writing assignments
  • 2017 Anki flashcards w/sound (561 vocabulary words)
  • Entire Airtable database
  • 27 Pacing & Structure worksheets
  • 85 grammar spotlight videos & 27 paragraph summary videos (10 hours of instruction)
  • 85 Thinkific quiz sets
  • 5 Thinkific section evaluations
  • 13 verb conjugation videos
  • ๆฐดไป™ textbook & workbook (PDF version)
  • Private Cohort Discord community (with lesson support)

โžก๏ธ Interested? Visit the private Ikigai Connections inquiry pages and Doc will get back to you with more information within 24 hours. Don’t forget, this is a LIMITED TIME offer!

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