Japanese Jobs 105

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Applying & Interviewing

Have confidence to apply and interview for any job in any country, inc. the shuukatsu (就職活動)

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Apply to jobs like a pro
  • Interview confidently
  • Get in on the Japanese-style shuushoku katsudou (applying & interviewing)

How Long Is The Course?

Total instruction time: approximately 1 hour 10 minutes of videos.

You will receive supplemental information and optional exercises, as well.

The Instructor

Photo of Kasia from Ikigai Connections

Hi, I’m Kasia!

I am a trilingual American who spent 8 years in Japan, including high school, college, graduate school and my professional career. I earned my Bachelor’s from Boston University and Master’s from Tokyo’s Ochanomizu University. 

My career utilizing Japanese language and cultural skills began in 2003 with concert promotion, and later moved to interpreting/ translating, electronics and automotive. I was able to do this while living in Japan, Poland, Italy and the US. Learn more here.

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