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Table of Contents (updated: 2/2024)

  • Recruiters / Jobs
  • Business Societies
  • Japanese Companies
  • Teaching Associations
  • Canada to Japan Resources
  • Japan to Canada Resources
  • Governmental/Visa
  • Education
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Publications (Newspapers, Magazines, and blogs)
  • Youtube Videos
  • History, Festivals

If you want to work specifically in Japan, don’t forget to check out the Japan Resources page. 

Regardless of the country you want to live in, be sure to see the Online Resources page for informative websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, apps, and more!


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Recruiters / Jobs

  • Activ8 A Japanese job recruitment company with branches all around North America. You can find branches in Toronto and Vancouver. 
  • Pasona Pasona offers positions throughout the US, with several offices nationwide as well as an office in Canada. To access their site for job seekers, click 求職者様はこちらから. Search their (mainly English) job listings by clicking お仕事検索. 
  • JET Programme Canada International program that sends recent college graduates to work in Japan as assistant language teachers or coordinators of international relations. 
  • Jinzai Canada A job recruitment company for people seeking employment in Canada. 
  • MyBestSitter A babysitter service in Vancouver that allows parents to find babysitters that speak their preferred language. Website available in Japanese and English. Has a job board for sitters on their website. 
  • Oops! Japanese Newspaper うっぷす カナダ・バンクーバー情報誌 A website full of information about Japanese events, jobs, schools, food, stores, and more in the Vancouver area! Great opportunity to practice your Japanese. Check out their job recruiting page. 
  • Yokoso Japan Association An organization that specializes in job and school placements for people wanting to work/study in Japan. Hosts a weekly Japanese/English exchange group in Vancouver. 
  • The Canada-Japan Co-op Program The Canada-Japan Co-op Program’s mission is to provide top calibre Canadian educated co-op students with high quality career-oriented work opportunities in Japan as well as to provide participating Japanese employers with Canadian educated students who can make valuable contributions to their organizations. 
  • Teaching English in Japan A resource on the government of Canada’s website that provides a plethora of useful information for those wanting to teach English in Japan. It is also offered in a physical publication form.

Business Societies

  • The Japan Society The Japan Society is a national organization to strengthen business, educational and cultural exchanges between Canada and Japan. 
  • Japan Canada Chamber of Commerce This chamber of commerce facilitates and promotes business relations between Japanese and Canadian companies, and encourages the activities of entrepreneurs within the Japanese-Canadian community. They offer their members opportunities to learn and network within a supportive environment, and foster the highest standards of community leadership and cooperation. 
  • The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan A private sector, not-for-profit business organization founded in 1975 to promote the development of commerce between Canada and Japan. 
  • Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry An association made to promote friendly relations between Canada and Japan through economic, commercial and industrial activities of the members. They host a newsletter, a Saturday school, and more. 
  • Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (Konwakai)  A business association made up of many Japanese businesses and members in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
  • Canada-Japan Society of British Columbia The Canada-Japan Society of British Columbia (CJSBC) is Canada’s premier and longest standing Asian bilateral business association that aims to increase business and cultural relations between Canada and Japan in British Columbia. 
  • Kiyukai- Vancouver Japanese Business Association A non-profit business society whose purpose is to contribute to the development of the Nikkei and Japanese population in Canada and promote businesses through the discussion of common interest topics and the exchange of information through events. Non-members are welcomed to attend any event for a fee. 
  • Japan Women’s Business Association JWBA provides support and resources for Japanese female entrepreneurs living in Vancouver. 
  • Japan America Society of Michigan and Southwestern Ontario A nonprofit business association whose members represent local American, Japanese and Canadian manufacturers, R&D operations, trading companies, transportation companies, major banks, utilities, accounting and law firms. It is dedicated to strengthening friendly relations between Americans, Canadians and Japanese nationals doing business in the area. Includes a job board. 
  • Tokai Japan Canada Society A not for profit association created to promote the development of social, cultural and commercial relations between Canada and the Tokai region of Japan. Has a business society called “Canada Means Business.” 
  • Canada Means Business. This business association focuses on the current business environment between Canada and Japan. They host a blog and a mailing list, and on this website, many corporate members are listed. Check out these listed businesses for employment opportunities! 
  • Japanese Women’s Business Association A business society for Japanese women living in Canada. All meetings are only in Japanese. Website only available in Japanese. 
  • Canada-Japan Council of British Columbia This council that works to build a bridge between Japanese and Canadian businesses consists of 10 different Vancouver based business societies, all of which are listed on their website!

Japanese Companies

  • Ozawa Canada Inc. A family owned Japanese food, beverage, and kitchen equipment distributor company in Canada. 
  • Kintetsu World Express (KWE) A Japanese freight forwarding company that has spread globally and has a head office in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • Fujitsu Canada Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions, and services. You can find many resources for employment in their company or subsidiaries on their website. 
  • Vancoad Advertising Company A Vancouver company with a strong connection to the Japanese community in Canada. They specialize in web design and event production. Website mainly available in Japanese with very limited English.
  • Japan Expo Canada A company based in Canada that operates as an event planning and operating company specialized in Japanese festivals and events mainly hosted within North America.
  • IACE Canada A travel agency that specializes in Japan. Has branches in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. 
  • Seaborn Enterprises A Vancouver-based company that delivers Japanese food as well as locally sourced fish that has many branches within Canada. Website available in Japanese, Chinese and English.
  • Blue Tree Books This Toronto shop is the only book store in Canada that specializes in Japanese books and small miscellaneous items (zakka). At Blue Tree Books, you can purchase a wide variety of new books as well as some CDs/DVDs and zakka from Japan. You can also pick up your orders directly from the physical store in Toronto.

Teaching Associations

Canada to Japan Resources

Many of these websites are good opportunities to practice your Japanese! 

  • Moving From Canada To Japan A comprehensive resource from Kokusai Express Co. that gives a lot of useful information for those looking to move to Japan from Canada, including finding documents, a moving company, and embracing the new culture.
  • Bon Voyage, But…Essential Information for Canadian Travellers A comprehensive page on the government of Canada’s website about travelling abroad as a Canadian. Available in PDF form on the page. 
  • How to work in Japan as a Canadian This article from StepAbroad provides an in depth rundown on StepAbroad’s working holiday programs in Japan. 
  • YES Canada A company that helps students find study abroad programs that suit them, and walks them through the application process and continues to help students throughout their trip. They offer programs that span from two week long trips to year long immersion experiences. You also have the opportunity to host a student through their program, and they provide alumni support too. Visit their “Complete list of destinations” page to find information on Japan! 
  • The Canadian Expat A website and YouTube channel dedicated to supporting Canadians working abroad or wanting to work abroad, helping them succeed, and providing resources for companies wanting to access this market. Includes a page on travel, different articles and information on all different countries, including Japan. 
  • Moving Back to Canada A comprehensive resource to help Canadian expats moving back to Canada after living in Japan. It lists things like tax resources, moving your belongings, moving a child, health care, and real estate. 

Japan to Canada Resources

  • Enjoy Canada A website that offers many services for those wanting to travel to or live and work in Canada. Page available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • e-Maple A website that provides information about Canada such as study abroad information, travel and hotel accommodations, working holidays, and much more. It also features a classifieds section under クラシファイド. You can find language exchange partners and jobs on this website. A great resource for practicing your Japanese!
  • GoTo Van A website that has sections on entertainment (エンタメ), study (勉強), a lifestyle manual (生活マニュアル), working holiday and study abroad (ワーホリ・留学), and a classifieds page (掲示板) that focuses on resources in Vancouver. Check out their page of related links under リンク集 to find many valuable resources. 
  • Club-House Nikka-Center This center focuses on helping people from Japan come to Vancouver finding places to work and study. They also host English lessons and Japanese lessons run by volunteers. 
  • Canada Journal An organization based in Vancouver that provides a lot of resources for Japanese people looking to live, work and study in Canada. 
  • Canada Study Abroad Compass (カナダ留学コンパス) A company with offices in Vancouver and Tokyo that has agents dedicated to helping people in Japan study abroad or live in Canada. 
  • Vancouver Study Abroad Center This comprehensive website provides a lot of resources for Japanese people wanting to study or work in Canada. 
  • Brand New Way Inc. A Japanese company with a main office in Vancouver that works to recruit international students to work or study in Canada, and mainly focuses on working with Japanese students and workers in Canada with their many resources that are available on their website. 
  • A very comprehensive resource that offers information for Japanese nationals wanting to go to Canada for a working holiday, a study abroad, or to work. Offers a lot of information on the Canadian lifestyle, required documents, visa information, and more. 
  • Life Vancouver A website that specializes in helping companies market themselves to the Japanese market in Vancouver, reporting local news, and helping Japanese speakers find resources in Vancouver. 
  • Jp Canada 留学センター A comprehensive resource for Japanese students wanting to study abroad in Canada. Includes visa information, homestay information, a blog, and much more. Be sure to check out their information-packed Youtube page. Based in Vancouver. Only available in Japanese. 
  • Vancoupon A website that offers guides on shopping, schools, and coupons in Vancouver in Japanese.
  • Moving from Japan to Canada A resource on Japan Luggage Express’s website that gives tips for those wanting to move from Japan to Canada.
  • Canada Manual This website gives travel, living, and healthcare information for locations all around Canada. Available only in Japanese.



Tip: try reaching out to Hoshuko, or supplementary school, for volunteering or work opportunities!

  • MEXT Scholarship Program: (Study abroad)The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (in Japanese: Monbukagakusho, English acronym: MEXT) offers scholarships to Canadian students wishing to pursue their studies at a Japanese university. 
  • Risu Press (Education) One of Canada’s leading Japanese education platforms – the famous JLPT Kanji Poster Set, digital resources, courses, and a full “study in Japan” program with top language schools across Japan.
  • AFS Interculture Canada (Study abroad) AFS Interculture Canada is a Montreal-based international, voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to create a more just and peaceful world. They offer three different courses in Japan. You can find it if you type countries/japan/ in the top bar. 
  • “Japanese for All People” Japanese Language Centre (Study abroad, lessons, adult education) This Vancouver-based resource provides Japanese lessons to all levels of Japanese learners including  conversation practice, JLPT preparation. They also offer English lessons and are partnered with various language schools in Japan where you can study abroad. They host non-language cultural events such as barbecues and parties.
  • Canada Japanese University Programs (College) This comprehensive website lists Japanese programs at Universities in Canada. Sorted by province and education level. 
  •  The Canadian College of Linguistics (College) A college with locations in Vancouver, Hamilton, and Shizuoka with many programs for teaching English, such as TEFL and TESOL certification courses, English pronunciation and slang courses and information on ESL teaching jobs in various countries. 
  • Saskatoon Japanese Language School (K-12, Adult education) Classes are offered for elementary school beginners, high school/adult beginners and high school/adult intermediate levels of learners. 
  • Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (K-12, adult education) A non-profit community-based and driven organization, committed to education, culture and community. Offers a daycare, classes from kindergarten through high school for native Japanese speaking children, fundamental Japanese classes for students wanting to learn Japanese, Japanese classes for adults, and cultural classes. 
  • International House-Vancouver Modern Languages: Japanese (Lessons, adult education) A school in Vancouver that offers group and private Japanese classes to children and adults. 
  • Ninagawa Japanese Language School (lessons, adult education) A Japanese language school based in Vancouver that offers Japanese classes from the basic to the advanced level. They take pride in their creative and fun teaching styles and have published their own textbook. 
  • Coquitlam Japanese Language Academy(English) / Coquitlam Japanese Language Academy (Japanese) (lessons, adult education) A Japanese school that offers classes and private lessons from the beginner level through the conversational level. They also offer a JLPT course. 
  • Manabi Language Center (Hoshuko, K-12, adult education) This Richmond-based Japanese school offers many programs for children through adults. They offer immersion programs for native and non native children,as well as math, Japanese, and music classes. They also offer immersion summer camps for children and all-ages cultural events. Adults can also take language classes in group or one-on-one settings and training classes for people hoping to teach Japanese.
  • Steveston Japanese Language School (Hoshuko, K-12, adult education) This school offers classes for children who don’t speak Japanese at home and children who do, from preschool through middle school level classes. They also offer beginner to advanced classes for adults. You can also find information for their culture clubs and wellness workshops on their website. They have listed  career and volunteer opportunities on their website under the “about us” section. 
  • Burnaby Japanese Language School バーナビー日本語学校 (Hoshuko, K-12) Language school that offers classes in Japanese for heritage Japanese speakers from preschool to high school. Also offers fundamental Japanese classes for children who are beginners at Japanese from kindergarten to high school. 
  • Japanese Educational Centre (JEC) (Hoshuko, K-12) A Japanese school that offers classes for students in Japanese from kindergarten through high school. It also offers fundamental classes for children who do not speak Japanese at home. Has four locations. 
  • The Japanese School of Toronto Shokokai Inc. (Hoshuko) Saturday school in Toronto that teaches kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school classes in Japanese. (page only in Japanese) 
  • Montreal Hoshuko School (Hoshuko) Japanese supplementary weekend school in Montreal. Offers classes from first grade through middle school third year all in Japanese. (page only in Japanese) 
  • Vancouver Japanese School  (Hoshuko) Saturday school in Vancouver that teaches kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school classes in Japanese. (page only in Japanese) 
  • Calgary Hoshuko Japanese School Association (Hoshuko) Japanese supplementary Saturday school in Calgary. Offers classes from first grade through middle school third year all in Japanese. (page only in Japanese) 
  • Metro Edmonton Japanese Community School  (Hoshuko) Japanese supplementary weekend school in Edmonton. Offers classes from kindergarten through middle school third year, all in Japanese. (page only in Japanese) 
  • Ottawa Hoshuko (Hoshuko) Japanese supplementary weekend school in Ottawa. Offers classes from first grade through middle school third year all in Japanese. (page only in Japanese) 
  • Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School Society (Hoshuko) A Japanese immersion school based in Victoria, BC that offers Friday classes from preschool to high school senior year. 
  • Ridge Meadows Japanese Language School (Hoshuko) A Tuesday Japanese school in Maple Ridge, BC that offers Japanese classes from kindergarten through middle school. You can find job and volunteer openings on their 求人 page. Website only available in Japanese. 
  • Momiji Japanese Preschool (Preschool) A Japanese-style preschool that offers cultural activities such as calligraphy and is taught in Japanese. They emphasize the importance of play and exploring nature. 
  • St. James Japanese Preschool (Preschool) A Japanese immersion preschool that does not teach children how to read or write but instead allows them to focus on their five senses and play. 
  • Japan Studies Association of Canada (Other) An organization that promotes Japan Studies in Canada and to contribute towards increase in knowledge about Japan and Canada-Japan relations by encouraging Canadian scholars and other interested persons to conduct research on Japan in all academic fields, sponsoring conferences and publishing proceedings of the conferences and other papers and encouraging Japanese scholars and any person interested in Japan studies to share their knowledge with the members of the Association. 
  • Association japonaise des études québécoises (Other) Academic association promotes cultural exchange through research and arts between Francophones, specifically in Quebec, and Japan. Website only available in Japanese and French. 
  • The Canadian Literary Society of Japan/L’association Japonaise de la Littérature Canadienne (Other)  An academic society whose purpose is to research and promote Canadian Literature and culture in Japan.
  • Teaching Japanese to Speakers of Other Languages- TJSOL (Other) A course at the Education Canada College that teaches students to be effective teachers of Japanese to speakers of other languages. 
  • The Japan Foundation Sakura Network (Other)  A network made up of many Japanese language institutions around the world. Canada is on the list as well. 
  • Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE) (Other) An association that actively promotes Japanese language education in Canada. They operate a variety of activities including an annual conference, lectures, workshops, support of regional workshops/meetings, and the publication of academic journals. 
  • Global Network for Japanese Language Education (Other) An alliance that enables the exchange of information about Japanese language education around the world, with the aim of promoting international cooperation, practical activities for learning and teaching Japanese and international development of academic research. Affiliated with CAJLE. 
  • Yano Academy (Other) A school for people wanting to teach Japanese. 

Cultural Organizations

  • The Japan Foundation, Toronto: This resource is based in Toronto and has three main areas of focus: Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education, and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange.They host a lot of cultural and art-related events and have a public lending library that contains  approximately 20,000 Japan-related print and audio-visual materials. Their website includes comprehensive lists of resources available for Japanese learners, professionals, people seeking grants, and more! 
  • Performing Arts Japan (PAJ): This grant provides financial assistance to Japan-related performing arts projects in the US and Canada that aim to introduce Japanese performing arts to local audiences in these areas, or to facilitate exchange between leading artists in Japan and North America. Deadlines are usually in November. 
  • Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association A not-for-profit association based in Vancouver that focuses on promoting Japanese-style gardening. They offer workshops for members and have a large library of books and magazines on landscaping and maintaining gardens. The VJCA also has many clubs, and they list 47 active members under their “members” section. If you are looking for a Japanese gardener in the Vancouver area, take a look at their website! 
  • Saskatoon Japanese Association Every year, dedicated volunteers with Saskatoon Japanese Association provide community activities to celebrate Japanese culture. Events include an undokai, New Year’s party, and cultural events at the yearly Saskatoon Folk fest. 
  • Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre A not-for-profit organization which celebrates the unique culture, history, and legacy of Japanese Canadians for the benefit of all Canadians. On the website you can find things like a career page, a newsletter, and information on their many programs. They host many Japanese cultural classes, such as Koto lessons, cooking classes, language lessons, and martial arts classes, and have a museum in their building. 
  • National Association of Japanese Canadians An association made to promote and develop a strong Japanese Canadian identity and thereby to strengthen local communities and the national organization. To strive for equal rights and liberties for all persons –in particular, the rights of racial and ethnic minorities. The site includes many resources, such as scholarship programs, and resources on Japanese Canadian history and artists.  
  • Japanese Social Services is a charitable and nonprofit organization that provides social services to habitants who have Japanese Ethno cultural background, living in southern Ontario centered in the city of Toronto. Offers programs such as child care, support groups, counselling, interpretation for people in need. 
  • Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association A non-profit association that represents the Japanese Canadian community in the Vancouver area. They work to promote art and culture appreciation of Japanese Canadians and protecting their rights. 
  • Greater Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Japanese Canadians A chapter of the NAJC in Toronto that strives for equality of all people in Canada and work together on the betterment of the political, social, educational, and economic welfare of Japanese Canadians 
  • Vancouver Ikebana Society Formed in 1965, this society aims to promote the appreciation of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) in British Columbia by organizing exhibitions and offering ikebana lessons. 
  • Momiji Health Care Society A senior care home made specifically to accommodate the community and cultural needs of Japanese-Canadians. 
  • Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre A facility whose mission is to honour, preserve, and share Japanese culture and Japanese Canadian history and heritage for a better Canada. They have events, workshops, and historical archives.
  • Nikkei Place A campus of three non-profit organizations working collectively for the good of the local, national, and international Canadian and “Nikkei” (Japanese ancestry) communities: Nikkei Place Foundation, Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, and the Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society. You can find all three of these resources’ websites on the Nikkei Place website. 
  • OOMOMO Japan Living A Japanese variety goods store with locations in Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.
  • Hokkaido Canada Society The Hokkaido Canada Society was established to deepen understanding and further promote exchanges between Hokkaido and Canada. Based in Hokkaido.
  • The Tohoku-Canada Japan Society A non-profit organization established to encourage mutual understanding and friendship between the Tohoku Region of Japan and Canada through exchanges in culture. Based in Miyagi, Japan. 
  • The Canada-Japan Society Created to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between Japanese and Canadians, and promote cultural and personal exchange. Based in Kanto. 
  • Japan Canada Kai (JCK) A Japanese-Canadian club based in the Kansai region promoting friendship between the two countries. 
  • Hiroshima Canada Association An association that promotes friendship between Canada and the Hiroshima area of Japan through culture and economic exchanges. There is a newsletter listed on the website. 

Publications (Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs)

  • Nikkei Voice- The Japanese Canadian National Newspaper Nikkei Voice is a national Japanese-Canadian newspaper that has evolved into an important medium for Japanese Canadian expression and communication. It is published 10 times a year in Toronto by the Board of Directors of Nikkei Research and Education Project of Ontario, and operates as a non-profit organization. 
  • Vancouver Shinpo Japanese Weekly Newspaper A newspaper that offers a lot of information on happenings in Vancouver and current events. Practice your Japanese with this newspaper! 
  • Japan in Canada A blog/news website that has posts about Japanese food, news, events, and more all in English. 
  • Japan-Quebec: A website/blog that posts information about Quebec in English and Japanese. 
  • Oops! Japanese Newspaper うっぷす カナダ・バンクーバー情報誌 A website full of information about Japanese events, jobs, schools, food, stores, and more in the Vancouver area! Great opportunity to practice your Japanese. Check out their job recruiting page. 
  • JCCA Bulletin A journal published by Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association (GVJCCA) that includes issues significant to its members, persons with Japanese ancestry and others of interest.
  • Vanja (Vancouver+Japan Magazine) An online magazine that focuses on the Vancouver lifestyle, travel, news, LGBT+,  fashion, and more. A good resource to practice your Japanese reading!
  • Torja (Toronto+Japan Magazine) An online magazine that focuses on the Toronto lifestyle, travel, news, LGBT+,  fashion, and more. A good resource to practice your Japanese reading!

YouTube Videos

History, Festivals

  • Japanese Canadian History A resource on the internment of the internment of 1942 to 1949 and the attainment of redress in 1988. 
  • Landscapes of Injustice This website analyzes the historical displacement and forced-sale of Japanese Canadian land during World War II. You can find many resources on their website for teaching and research publications. They also list personal stories and communities touched by dispossession and are committed to not allowing people to forget this difficult part of history. 
  • Japonica Environment Farm A farm in British Columbia that specializes in organic Japanese vegetables 
  • Japan Festival Canada Since 2016, this yearly event in Toronto is the largest Japanese culture event in North America. The event includes modern and traditional entertainment, food, culture, and technology. 
  • Nikkei Matsuri  Burnaby’s authentic family-friendly Japanese festival celebrating Japanese culture. 
  • Sakura Days Japan Fair A yearly family friendly two day Japanese festival held at the Vandusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver. 
  • Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival A one month long festival in Spring in Vancouver every year celebrating the cherry blossom trees with many free community events such as poetry and photo contests. There are many volunteering opportunities available. 
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden A Japanese style garden dedicated to Dr. Inazo Nitobe located within the University of British Columbia’s botanical gardens in Vancouver. 

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